Bee Good to Yourself!

About just under three months ago I came across the well written article on Forbes I wish to share with you: Self Care is Not an Indulgence, it is a Discipline (READ!!!)

This article is what inspired this post…

Bee Good to Yourself!

I want you to know that Self-Care and Self-Compassion is not a matter of being Selfish. It is just about being good to yourself as you would to others.


We are often putting so much pressure on ourselves to complete tasks and responsibilities as well as taking care of the people around us that we forget we have a responsibility to take care of ourselves.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to rock back for a 5 mins, 5 hours or even 5 weeks to BEE good to ourselves.

If we don’t, we will eventually feel the brunt of exhaustion, the highest levels of anxiety and not too long after would we become battery operated Robots finding it hard to care about anything or anyone.

You know when the wifi is sticking, we “unplug” to reset and all of sudden, we get the speeds we are really paying for?

Or when your phone is moving slow, so you turn it off for a couple seconds and turn it back on.

If you’re with Flow Internet or Digicel Mobile, you probably do this daily (yes I am throwing shade) … so why don’t YOU stop for a second and hit reset?

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few seconds, including you.”

– Anne Lamot

Bee kind to yourself. Self-care is about knowing yourself and knowing when it is time to step back to replenish, recharge and/or reset.

When you take care of yourself, I promise you will be more productive, healthier (mentally and physically) and you will have more to give to those around you.

So how do you practice self-care?

“Everybody is different… Every body is different” – Beverly Diehl

We need to be as disciplined as we can, rather than indulgent, and be self-aware of what OUR bodies, minds and souls need to truly feel good.

Here are a few things I like to do and I would recommend for any busy bee like myself:

Physical Self-care:

Physical activity is not only vital for your body’s well-being but for letting go of stress and steam build ups.

CrossFit and Strength Training : MikFit is my home away from home. Ps.. get used to the name, I’ll be linking this page in a lot of posts. CrossFit and training for the last two years changed my life completely… I’ll get into how and why it did in another post. For now, just hit follow on that page and send him a quick message for real results.                            mikfit new stronger

Mani, Pedis, Hair-dos & Skincare: Ladies, I know you all agree with me that there is nothing like some pampering to relieve whatever stress we may be going through. We all know a haircut and/or hair colour change is NEEDED after a break-up, don’t deny it. And listen to me, you see masking your face with your hair in a bun singing along to Backstreet Boy just before you get ready for bed… this is GOLDEN. I highly recommend Champagne Showers TT for FABULOUS masks and face oils. 

Dancing: As my favourite TV best friends. Meredith Grey and Christina Yang, taught me… Shut up and just DANCE IT OUT!

Sleeping: Take those power naps when needed and try your best to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep at night. I hadn’t realized how bad my sleeping was until I purchased my Fitbit and started monitoring myself. I started making the conscious effort to get into bed by 10 p.m. at a certain time and put down the phone no later than 11 p.m.

Mental/Emotional Self Care:  

Michael Brown in his book The Presence Process presents an approach that emotions are just energy in motion.

Our thoughts, relationships and environments easily change our emotions from moment to moment. It is important to remember it is just energy, it just a sensation that is neither right or wrong so there is no need to invalidate how you feel but accept it.

Once your have accepted how you feel emotionally you either you alter it or don’t. Take care of your emotions and you will in turn free your mind.

Therapy: Reaching out to someone unbiased and professional is NOT a sign of weakness, it is in fact a sign of strength. Knowing I had fallen into a deep and dark hole, i accepted that I needed that little booster push to get out. This was my strongest moment because it was this moment I started being able to lift myself up.

Writing: You can’t talk about it, no problem. Try writing it. This is how this blog started actually. I just started penning what i felt, what my day went like, both good and bad and here I am, sharing my bits and pieces with you.

Cry: It’s healthy to let it out now and then. Do not bottle.

Laugh: Watch a funny video, scroll through memes on instagram, go get a drink with friends or dinner with family. Purposefully encourage yourself to laugh and don’t let anyone tell you its too loud.

Let go of Toxic relationships: This one is important but it is essential to know difference between a toxic person and a person who is only trying to help. We are always quick to think that persons who just don’t agree with our lifestyles or who is trying to advise us away from certain behaviours and habits are toxic. No, these persons are actually REACHING out to you. They are good for you! Toxicity is when a person is poisoning you. Whatever they say or do to you has no constructive benefit, they just demean and degrade you. Let these people go.

Take the Mental Health day: No, it’s not a acknowledged as a real sick day but yes being mentally drained is more than enough reason to call in sick and sleep in late.


There are so many thousands of ways we can take care of ourselves, just remember it’s a discipline, not an indulgence (I hope you read the forbes article!).

Self-care isn’t a one off thing either, try to practice little self-care habits everyday. Give yourself at least one compliment in the day, listen to your favourite song or take that much needed 20 minute nap.

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” – Eleanor Brown


Take care of yourself.

Love yourself.

Bee good to yourself.


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